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Home builders and developers

City & Dyess Liason

This committee was formed for the purpose of opening up regular dialogue with the City Building officials, chamber of commerce and Dyess AFB. They keep us up to date on code enforcement, CAD news and more. They are also responsible for maintaining our involvement with Community Foundations of Abilene and the Housing the Homeless Initiative.


Committee that selects Event Chairmen and oversees the planning process of each event. Sub-event committees should be formed to ensure each event is successful and carried out properly.


The BCHBA political action Committee or HOMEPAC was formed to protect, preserve and further the private enterprise system, particularly the development and advancement of the home building, remodeling, multi-family and commercial construction industry. HOMEPAC provides an opportunity for individuals interested in the future of the housing industry to contribute to the support of worthy candidates for public office who have demonstrated their belief in, and dedication to the principles of which the housing industry is committed.